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The Orthodox World interacts with middle America - Norpac 2018

While it may sometimes be said that the Orthodox may seem insular at times in terms of interacting with the rest of the country - the experience of 1000 Orthodox from

the tri-state area going on a Norpac trip to Washington D.C. certainly belies that. This, my 6th trip to Wash, as part of that entourage, was again fulfilling and productive.

On my trip, we met with staff from 3 Congressional offices - Nebraska, Michigan and Kentucky. As one of the leaders of Norpac, David Steinberg has said, representatives

from all over the country can and often do show interest and care about the state of Israel. Now, all we have to do is get more of our own youth, both religious and irreligious

to do the same (joke but true).

On such trips, not only do we get the politicians to hear about Israeli related issues in more detail, they get to get a sense of what Jewish people, who care about the state

of Israel are like and there is a general productive exchange. As a bonus, we are compelled to study the Israel-U.S. relationship better and how our government can do things

to better the situation for both countries and even more broadly, how we can make this a better world and defang the power away from the evil and destructive countries who

want to do Israel, the U.S. and the Western world in general - harm and to diminish the good forces in the world.

The Darth Vader in most of this scenario is Iran. It has ambitions to control the entire middle east with its sick theocracy and is building a land bridge to Israel through

Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza to wage war - whether through its proxies or directly - with Israel. It has sent in an armed drone into Israel’s air space, which with Hashem’s help Israel was able to shoot down. Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. (IRGC) had set up a large military base in Syria which Israel destroyed. Hezbollah (a proxy of Iran) is poised with 150k missiles to attack Israel with, from Lebanon. Hamas, again funded and trained by Iran, is sending tens of thousands of civilians, with terrorists embedded amongst

them to cross the border into Israel and when Israel confronted by their shear force sometimes has to fire with live rounds, Hamas considers that a win for them as well - a

propaganda coup. Iran, most assuredly at the forefront, is weaponizing world sentiments of classic Anti Semitic themes in the form a a boycott to all businesses who operate beyond the 1949 Armistice Lines or the Green Line. This area would include the Western Wall which Israel’s hostile enemies say should not belong to the Jewish state. Unfortunately, Liberals in Europe and in this country, feel that they are being progressive when they entertain the tyranny of the “underdog” and “downtrodden” Jehadi Islamic world view. They don’t realize that they are feeding a beast of hatred that is being drummed into the minds of children more than anything else in the “occupied” territories.

Little do the pathetic militant Jehadis or their complicit Western Liberals dupes realize is that they are their own worst enemies. With Palestinian (I’ll call them that) cooperation, they and Israel could have a marvelous and totally thriving economies next to each other. Instead, our Liberal Progressives want to tear Israel down so that no one will achieve any fulfillment and productivity in life.

Fortunately, there are good forces at work here in America as well. And to his credit, even our Liberal past President, Barack Obama, agreed as an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to up the funding for Israel’s security for military equipment and technological improvements of its missile air defenses - to a total of $38 billion over the next 10 years starting from the (fiscal) year of 2019. Also, there are many Senators and Congressmen who are lending their support to punish the IRGC (Iran’s Revolutionary Guard) by cutting off their funding sources by rendering their business contacts to be ineligible to do business with the U.S. Similarly, there is much Congressional support to grant States the Federal shield and imprimatur to legally be able to sever ties with companies who boycott Israel without the liability that States are usurping their state authority by acting in the realm of the Federal government’s sphere of control with regard to international commerce. Finally, our legislators are countering the pressure from the UN Human Rights Council (of which Syria is a member, if that doesn’t say it all) and the (pathetically Liberal) European Union to label businesses who operate over the 1949 Green Line as being illegitimate. So we are being successful in pushing back on the evil and ignorant forces in the world and Norpac is a good example of that.

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