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Is it ok to probe the psyche of a President?

There is no evidence that President Richard Nixon ordered the break-in at the Watergate hotel but he was guilty of obstructing Congress from investigating the event. That’s what my mother taught me decades ago and it seems to hold true even today. Nixon’s stonewalling, lying and obstructing was such a serious affront to the constitutional duties to his office that he was forced to resign in ignominy. Pundits then and even now, analyzed Nixon’s psyche as being - dark, paranoid, shifty, egomaniacal and even autistic. However, now that we have Barack Obama as our president, somehow, according to the Democratic National Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman and others, it is “nonsense” or unfair to attribute unwholesome attributes to him as a person.

Mayor Rudy Guiliani said of our current president that he doesn’t love America the way that other presidents did. I agree and I could go on with the famous

list Obama citing all of the sins that we, as a nation, committed towards blacks, latinos, women, the poor and of course towards the Muslim world but I’ll save myself the trouble because I’m sure you’ve read or heard this list before. It’s very clear that young Barack was influenced from his charismatic socialist and Western-hating father. His mother devoted much of her life helping those in Indonesia to the extent that she sent her young son, Barack, back to the U.S. without her. His grandfather, also introduced young Barack to Communist authors. If we believe that children learn attitudes from those who raise them, why would it be any wonder that Obama would have internalized the message that America is fundamentally flawed and the only road to its salvation is by a major transformation, which is indeed what he campaigned on? Psychologically, Obama was culturally orphaned because both of his parents abandoned him. He wasn’t happy being raised by his grandparents either, and he “cringed” when his grandmother said things about blacks that he deemed were inappropriate. Al Sharpton, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright were or are a part of Obama’s presidency. Al Sharpton has been to the White House over 80 times. Instead of being our first post racial president as he implied he would be, Obama is easily the most divisive president we have known.

Why would we analyze anyone who has any bearing on our welfare? Because to do so is to understand their behaviors. For years we’ve seen a consistent pattern that for our president, there is no urgency where to most others, urgency is felt. No one wants our leaders to panic or overreact in haste but to most, Obama’s aloofness is seen as, non-affected. Newsman, Geraldo Rivera, calls this trait “Too cool for school”. Not long after he first took office, the Haitian earthquake was a human cataclysm, with 200,000 dead. The world relief effort run primarily by the U.S. was highly dysfunctional and was compared to that of the rescue efforts by our government during Katrina. Supplies were bottled up in warehouses for days and the Navy’s 1,000 hospital ship didn’t arrive for 8 days. The delay cost lives but Obama showed no dismay. For the Afghanistan mobilization or surge, it took many months for Obama to act and in the opinion of military officials this cost American lives. During the BP oil spill, which I’ve written about before, Obama did not accept the assistance of other countries who had advanced techniques to soak up the oil from the ocean. Recently in Iraq, the Yazidi rescue came late and thousands of them were murdered by ISIS. ISIS itself was downplayed by the president as a JV (Junior Varsity) team, even after they had taken back the city of Faluja in the beginning of 2014. During the captivity of James Foley, Peter Kassig, Steven Sotloff and Kayla Mueller by ISIS, the president took weeks before authorizing a rescue mission. By the time he authorized it, the rescue team missed the hostages by two days. Moments after Obama denounced the barbarity of the James Foley beheading, he went to play golf.

For years we see Obama dithering and delaying with the Iran nuclear threat and again is demonstrating no urgency to stop Iran cold in its tracks. If I’m not mistaken, the only time that I saw Obama show deep felt emotions was after the Newtown shooting of the 20 children. There is no doubt in my mind that

he does in fact love his own children and family. When Rudy Guiliani questions whether Obama loves you and me, it really means; does the president serve

the public because of a power play or does he want to serve mankind? One might say “who has the right to judge what’s in the heart of another?” But the answer is that we routinely judge the heart of our fellow mankind. We do that in our personal relationships, business relationships and in our government officials. Certainly evil needs to be identified when it presents itself and indifference in the heart of our national leader should be clearly pronounced as well. Obama wants to make an impression on the world but it may not be the impression that most of decent people expect of him. It could very well be that Obama is subconsciously or even consciously primarily trying to resurrect the worldview of his communist Western imperialism-hating father and other things just bore the dickens out of him. If he felt for mankind he would certainly demonstrate what he hasn’t as yet.

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