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How to heal the racial divide in this country.

We are in a stalemate in the racial divide in this country. The “systemic racism” discussion that we’re having is indeed very dishonest. The Democrat party has the impediments within itself to prevent African-Americans from having equality. The impediments are in so many areas: Employment -Democrat leadership allows looting and arson to go on in minority neighborhoods (and now we see even in non-minority neighborhoods). Yet the cry goes out that property values are not the same in black and white neighborhoods. But why would people want to move into or invest in areas that can be looted and burnt out at any given point when there is unrest?

Low income Housing -the Democrat party leadership allows corruption in the voucher system which then limits the amount of money left for the vouchers.

Education - Democrats don’t allow free choice in education. They don’t allow charter schools and they don’t expel disruptive kids from the public schools thereby poisoning the environment for all the kids. The society is blamed for a higher unemployment rate for blacks but we know that it takes an educated workforce for a modern job market.

Healthcare - instead of muddying the waters by proposing Medicare for all why don’t they improve the opportunity for low income citizens with Federal Medicaid expansion?

Police brutality - Why do they allow unions to have so much power to protect bad cops from being removed or punished? Unions are good but not when they corrupt the product of the company that the members work for.

Fatherless homes create many problems in youth and the African-American family has a 75% rate of single parenthood. So why does the government continue to disincentivize fathers from being in the home? It makes no sense at all.

In all of these areas Republicans or Moderate Democrats have the answer but the entrenched and corrupt Democrat administrations do not allow the remedies. It is indeed an Olam Hasheker that the conventional wisdom is that the Republicans are holding back progress when in truth it’s the so-called Progressive Democrats who are the problem. It’s an upside down world we live in.

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