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Evil Amongst Us.

Evil has been with us since Cain killed Abel but some of us or even many of us don't recognize evil when it is camouflaged. Nevil Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1938, famously believed Hitler, after meeting with him, that all Hitler was interested in, was reuniting Germany with the 3 million Germans that were living in the Sudetenland which was a part of Czechoslovakia after World War I. Hitler annexed that and then the rest of Czechoslovakia. We know the rest of the story.

In our times, Hitler is in the form of murderous Islamic terrorists, brought to international fame by Osama Ben Ladin and Ayman Zawahiri. Unfortunately we have Nevil Chamberlains in our day also. When the North World Trade tower was hit in 1993 during President Bill Clinton's administration, it was investigated as a police matter. No war retaliation followed even though we now know of course that it was the beginning of the war of violent Islamic Jehad. The bomb that was used in that bombing, weighed 1,300 pounds and greatly damaged the parking garage of the North Tower and made a hole about 100 feet tall which went through 4 sublevels of the tower. The intent was to make the North Tower collapse and fall into the South Tower and thereby kill thousands of people. Hashem saved us from that but Clinton's administration did not see that as war. Even recently, our Secretary of State stated in an interview that the attack on Sept 11, 2001 was the first foreign attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor. Really? More about our 'brilliant' Secretary of State later.

Actually even the plot of the first bombing of the Trade Center could have been discovered beforehand, had the authorities investigated the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990. The Egyptian-born American citizen El Sayyid Nosair, who was initially charged and acquitted of the murder was later convicted of the same murder in a Federal court because he was found guilty of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Prosecutors were able to retry Nosair for the murder because the federal court included the assassination of Kahane as part of the overall terrorist conspiracy. Only after the Trade Center bombing, did federal investigators find dozens of Arabic bomb making materials and documents related to terrorist plots in Nosair's New Jersey apartment. Had they properly investigated the Kahane assassination before a Brooklyn jury found Nosair not guilty, they could have averted the Trade Center bombing which ended up killing 6 and indeed could have killed thousands.

I bring all this as a back drop to today's leadership. Our president, (as posited by Harvard's Dinesh D'Souza, in his book - Obama's America: Unmaking the American Dream) was heavily influenced by his albeit absent but haloed father who was an ardent hater of Western colonialism. This theory is totally validated by Obama's strange Cabinet appointments such as Van Jones who thought 9/11 was committed by our own gov't, Valerie Jarret who influenced Obama not to attack Ben Ladin for 6 months and by notable associates of Obama's such as campaign supporter, William Aires, a domestic terrorist who was involved with bombings of a police station, the Pentagon and the Capital building in the early 70's. Obama began his political campaign from William Aire's home. Obama attended a church for 20 years, with a flagrant anti American pastor by the name of Reverend Jeremiah Wright who said that what happened to America on 9/11 was deserved and that white people created AIDS.

Obama does not however condone avowed Al Qaeda leaders. He has a record of thousands of drone strikes to, now, dead Al Qaeda leaders to prove that. What however he is slow to recognize, is the many foot soldiers and splinter groups that carry out and carry on Al Qaeda's missions to kill Americans. He was loath to classify, indeed our current international war, as Islamic terrorism. Even after it was obvious that the Christmas day bomber, the Ft. Hood bomber, the Times Square bomber and most recently the Benghazi attack were all part of an organized Al Qaeda effort, the President had other explanations for them. They were explained as 'lonewolf', 'work-place violence' or most recently for Benghazi - a mob incited riot that turned murderous from an anti Islam movie that was made in the U.S.

This brings us to the current situation. In early July of 2012, Afghanistan ambassador J Christopher Stevens, requested that his temporary 16 man terrorism combating security team be extended for another period. Stevens had wanted the team to stay through mid September, which would have protected him past Sept 11, it can be surmised. Colonel Andrew Wood, the leader of that temporary security team, reportedly told CBS News that Stevens fought hard to retain the team. The Pentagon denied his request.

On August 2, 2012 and as late as hours before his death, he again cabled the State Dept that Al Qaeda has black flags on gov't buildings in Libya, their presence is very strong and threatening and that the consulate is not fortified or protected in case they were to attack it. Stevens notified the State Dept that Benghazi's own Supreme Security Council told him that their police and security forces are unable to contain the threat. He explained that the situation was 'unpredictable, volatile and violent'.

The consulate had indeed been attacked in April and June of that year. The Red Cross was also attacked. The British consulate was attacked in June also along with the British ambassador, whom incidentally, we were able to rescue in 20 minutes! The attack on our own consulate went on for 7 hours and we reportedly had drones that were monitoring the events in real time. Why couldn't we do anything for our people?

When Secretary Clinton testified in front of Congress, she cited the Republican House's refusal to procure the funds for such security details. If that was truly the case, why didn't she bump up the need to the Presidential level and let Obama announce it to the nation the same way he knows how to do for all of his other needed projects? Why couldn't they siphon off some of the billions of dollars, that the GAO reports, are allocated annually for climate change research and put some of that for embassy security when our diplomats are in peril?

Our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (at present a front runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential race) stated in that congressional hearing that she received none of ambassador Steven's cables. The 'explanation' was that the State Dept received a million cables during that time and she wouldn't be able to read them all! Madame Secretary, are you kidding us? That's like a mother who is a CEO of a multinational company saying to her small child in school "in case you have an emergency, send an email to the company" and when not receiving the email would claim that she had no time to read her child's emergency plea because she was inundated with many other emails! Only Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky told Madame Secretary that had he been her superior, he would have relieved her of her duties for such incompetence.

The peak of the hearing came in the form of an emotional outburst of Secretary Clinton when she along with her 'passionate' (read crazy) tone, gesticulated with her fists "what difference, at this point, does it make whether it (the attack) was because of a protest or because - guys out for a walk one night, decided they'd kill some Americans? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again." Wow! That's exactly what we're trying to do Madame Secretary. Instead of answering us with one flippant scenario and the other a fictional scenario, why won't you address how repeated legitimate pleas for help from your consulate personnel about a probable Al Qaeda attack, can be ignored for a Sept 11 anniversary no less, and no one should be held responsible? (Incidentally, the 4 State Dept officials who resigned their posts because of this, were reassigned to somewhere else in the State Dept).

Incidentally, in response to the hearings, NBC shill, Brian Williams, unashamedly, touted Ms. Clinton's extensive travel as Secretary to 112 nations and how she recently fought illness and injury including hospitalization. He concluded by saying that she leaves her post as the most admired woman in the world. Dianne Sawyer of ABC news, described Clinton's testimony as a "fiery appearance... It was a valedictory that showed her indignation and emotion". The once iconic 60 minutes had Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton interviewed by Steve Croft, an interview that is referred to by even Liberals as a gushy love fest, where Obama states that "Hillary will go down as one of the best Secretaries of State that we've had" (as Hillary melts with pride). Nothing of substance was learned from the interview of the President and Secretary of State. Mike Wallace was spinning in his grave. All I can say about our mainstream media is: G-d help us or Hashem Yerachem!

Right after the Hillary circus, we are treated with the Chuck Hagel hearings performance splat to determine his appointment as Secretary of Defense. To sum that up, Hagel believes, agreed with or once stated that: The U.S. is the world's bully, that Israel committed a 'sickening slaughter' in Lebanon upon Hezbolla, the Israeli lobby (which he originally called the Jewish lobby but has since apologized for the ethnic reference) intimidates senators but couldn't say who in particular was intimidated, that the U.S. should unilaterally disarm of its nuclear weapons, predicted the surge in Iraq "will be the biggest blunder the U.S. committed since Vietnam", opposed sanctions on Iran, Iran as a nuclear weapons nation, can be 'contained' because Iran as other nuclear developed countries, is a 'responsible' regime and indeed it is a 'legitimate' (which

he later revised as 'recognized') and elected government (aside from the sham election

that the Iranian citizens were willing to die for, protesting against.) All of this so that Barack Obama should have a kindred spirit in the Secretary of Defense of weakening our military and that the U.S. and Israel should not be or act like Colonial powers.

Finally, our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, believes that the American military 'terrorized' Iraqi families during the Iraqi war, when our forces searched their homes to determine if there were any IED's (improvised explosive devices, used against our military). He's a typical Barack Obama appointment as well.

Yes, President Obama's father is smiling in his grave because his influence continues on.

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