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Do older people need to step aside to let others run for public office?

I read Sergey Kadinsky‘s letter to the Editor about the primary results with great interest. Since I myself ran for office in 2012 for the 25th assembly district as a Republican and lost to Nily Rozic I had a stake in what he had to say. He cites the loss of district leader Morty Povman in the 27th assembly district as some phenomenon that we can learn from. What he derives from this is that despite our community backing Povman as the standard bearer of our community as a Moderate Democrat & lover of Israel, he lost to a young progressive candidate. Kadinsky says that number 1) we should be more active as a community to vote and number 2) that we should be realistic about the fact that aged politicians may need to exit the stage at a certain point and let young blood come in. To which I say, so how come his wife Sandra Povman won resoundingly? Why was she - not being that much younger than he - not defeated the way her husband was? Kadinsky brings up that question and posits that maybe it has something to do with the position of the candidates on the ballot. However, I think the answer is ideological in nature. The progressives as we know, have a war against old white men and being a rich old man is even worse. If you're a Liberal white man such as Bernie Sanders or if they have to tolerate an old white man such as Joe Biden on a national scale because the Mid-Western states won't accept a more radical choice then they have to deal with an old white man. If you're old, white, well to do and are a traditional candidate in an urban local election then you've got a problem. Morty Povman fits all of those things- he’s old, moderate, white and he is well to do. Sandra Povman, while being those things isn't male so that can be what spared her from the guillotine of the angry young progressive left. Kadinsky says that we should run young candidates of our own and he cites examples of young staffers to politicians in office already. I have nothing against those that he named but there’s something missing in those young candidates that he would like to see run. They are Orthodox, Pro Israel, Capitalists and traditional Democrats and that will not satisfy the Young radical progressives. Young progressive leftists tend to identify with fringe political ideals such as those espoused by the “squad” that promote socialism, America/ Israel-bashing, criminal justice reform without accountability, educational systems with no incentives for students in which to excel and no discipline for those who disrupt others from learning, in a society where excellence Is not rewarded and criminality is not punished. Young progressives are taught that America essentially is evil and was born out of violence and that therefore violence as a way to punish America is justified and is to be condoned. Unfortunately however young Jewish Orthodox folks are not as energized as their secular progressive counterparts and running young orthodox and moderate Democrat candidates will not excite our young people any more than running either middle-aged or senior candidates would. What we however can learn from this election result is that if we don’t start talking to our young people about what matters in civic and political circles, that the progressives will carry the day and transform our country into a country that we do not want our young people to inherit. It’s not good enough that we teach young people to excel in school - we must also teach them to care about the community and to love our country and other Democracy-loving countries as well. Without this we will lose to the false ideologies of the progressives who are activated towards their ends. Finally we must encourage our community that voting is absolutely essential - that America is not necessarily the Goldilocks Society that we can take for granted, where justice , law and order and peace for all good people are there without even working for it.

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