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Crop of youths deprived of moral education and discipline - turn savage.

We all should be aware of the injustices of this country towards the African slaves that were brought here against their will where they did back breaking work and their families were torn apart. The pioneers of our country also committed grievous crimes against the natives (American Indians). Slavery went on in this country for hundreds of years and even after it was outlawed after the Civil War, the Jim Crow laws, which still denied blacks civil rights, went on for another 100 years.

President Kennedy in 1963 had taken up the cause of civil rights for the blacks in the South by sending the National Guard to escort black students who wanted to attend previously all white schools. President Johnson went on to pass the Civil Rights, as well as the Voting Rights Acts, in 1965. He had sponsored civil rights bills in Congress in 1960 and even in 1957. Johnson also launched a war on poverty meant to rectify the condition of all who were disadvantaged in society. His philosophy was that the underprivileged should not merely get the freedom to succeed but [government] should seek the result of equality for all.

As early as 1935 blacks started to turn the tables on their white oppressors when it was believed that a shopkeeper had beaten a black boy to death for stealing candy. Subsequently, in the mid 60's, ironically, after civil rights legislation had already been passed, blacks' anger turned to violence in Los Angeles, Detroit, Cleveland, Newark and Harlem to call attention to their grievances.

When Dr. King however was assassinated in 1968 massive pent up frustration and anger at the white establishment along with the political power that blacks were beginning to feel. A segment of the black population took advantage of this newly acquired power and used it with malevolence to punish their oppressors. This punishment took on the form of widespread riots by segments of inner city blacks in different cities, most notably Wash. D.C., Louisville, Chicago, Kansas City and Baltimore. In response to the rioting in 125 cities at that time, President Johnson is to have said, according to his Press Secretary: "What did you expect? I don't know why we're so surprised. When you put your foot on a man's neck and hold him down for three hundred years, and then you let him up, what's he going to do? He's going to knock your block off."

Subsequent to Dr. King's dominant reign over the civil rights movement, other factions came forth with more prominence - on the radical side, such as the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers and the moderate side - older institutions such as the NAACP, CORE (Congress of racial equality) and the SNCC (Student nonviolent coordinating committee).

Therefore as a result of America's shameful past of the oppression and brutality of the American Indian and African slaves and later as African Americans, whites of subsequent generations took on the guilt of their predecessors. Furthermore, under the umbrella of the civil rights movement for blacks came into the spotlight other civil rights heretofore not given enough attention. Among those were rights for other minorities, women and later on gays. Concomitant with the civil rights period, America had a crisis of faith in their government with respect to its years-long war in Vietnam and a loss of trust in the integrity of its leaders with the unfolding of the corrupt Nixon's administration culminating in his resignation.

In the midst of such a societal upheaval and reassessment of its values, religion also was deemed to be archaic and its relevance was seen to be outdated. Along with that, came new ideas of child rearing with a new emphasis on unconditional love with punishment seen as harsh and unproductive. Discipline was seen to be 'old school' and the new emphasis was toward positive reinforcement. Tolerance was the new buzzword in dealing with criminality and a new standard was applied to give criminals more and more chances to rehabilitate themselves. Therefore criminals were allowed to acquire a long rap sheet before they were committed to long sentences because, after all, their deprived backgrounds had to be taken into consideration before sentencing. Unwed mothers who were unemployed had to be cared for provided there was no father in the home who would be a provider, so fathers indeed were incentivized not to live with the family and fatherless welfare families were established even for generations.

Schools could teach no more patriotism because, after all, young children should be taught the evils of our origins so that they should not repeat the sins of their forefathers. Minorities were encouraged to see their own history on equal footing with that of mainstream American history. Religious precepts or values no longer belonged in the classroom or popular culture because religion was said to create divisions in society. Modern man can after all operate according to science and religion is therefore obsolete. Men, in popular culture were portrayed as non caring and not knowing how to get along with their fellow man and white society was painted as racist because of its racist history. Standards for education did not need to be upheld because it was more important for the self esteem of children to be promoted to the next grade even if they were not ready for it. After all, the next grade can do remediation, can't it? Violence and bullying in schools was tolerated because schools are not parents so why would they have to discipline children in their care? Truancy was overlooked because certain children just can't be controlled.

Is it therefore any wonder why we have in 2013 the "knockout game" where predominantly black youth make a game out of punching an unsuspecting person on the street and rendering them unconscious? According to Ray Kelly, Brooklyn has recently had 8 such occurrences of mob violence including against Jews - when the game is called 'knock out the Jew'. NJ, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Alabama, Michigan, Connecticut, Minnesota and Vermont have all had victims of this "game" as well.

If you think it's an exaggeration that Liberals are destroying this country, consider this: 2 teenagers in Syracuse, were among those who stomped a man to death after the one-punch didn't accomplish the knockout. One was 16 and the other 13 and both were sent to prison for just 18 months!

Liberals explain that kids are attracted to such risky behavior because they're bored. It is also said that society is at fault because we're not providing enough stimulation for the youth after school - you know- like 'midnight basketball'. Some juvenile delinquency experts are suggesting that as punishment we should make perpetrators of this crime do community service such as serving meals to homeless people thereby developing empathy! With philosophy such as this is it any wonder why so many of our youth act like orphaned marauding elephants?

Throughout the struggle to abolish slavery and Jim Crow laws, all the way through the marches led by Martin Luther King Jr., the reformers held the absolute moral high ground. It is this great clarity of justice and dignity that the civil rights pioneers brought to the movement that prevailed to permeate into the consciousness of the American people which ultimately made it so powerful. Today's corrupt 'Liberal' leadership, however, both from the political establishment and from the race hustlers who purport to be civil rights leaders, have lost their way and are leading America down the wrong path. It's time that traditional Americans with time honored values should once again shine the light on the proper path.

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