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The "Egalitarian" section of the Israeli Western Wall.

In regard to the controversy of the Egalitarian section of the wall: If the Secular/Feminist women don’t have a real interest in davening at the Kosel, if they were granted the permission to pray there, they would eventually stop because their fight would be over and there would be no remaining reason for them to continue. If on the other hand, they have a real interest in davening at the wall, albeit in their untraditional and to the Orthodox, an offensive way, then they still have a real interest in their form of prayer and in a democratic country which is what Israel is and must be for its survival, different forms of prayer must be allowed and space allocated for such.

The Egalitarians already have a space at the wall at the Robinson’s Arch site at the southern end of the Kosel which is not at the Main Kosel section (Western Wall Plaza). If there is no agreement on this point, Israel’s own Supreme Court may deem it illegal to restrict the Egalitarians from attending the Main Western Wall Plaza. If the non-Orthodox really have a sparse attendance as it is claimed or as it is predicted to be in the future then there is no legal justification for a claim to demand more space at the Wall than their attendance requires. Also, currently the Egalitarians do not have the right to enter the Robinson’s Arch section through the main entrance way which deems them to be a 2nd class group of Jewish attendees coming to pray. Furthermore they want the government (not the Orthodox Rabbinate) to bestow legitimacy on the committee, comprising non-Orthodox Rabbis, that would oversee their section.

However the big picture is this: No bigger chilul Hashem can be as when the whole world sees that Jews can’t even get along amongst themselves. It is the perfect bait that the Feminists set up for us traditional Jews that we have to fight them about this prayer space and we fall right into their trap!

At this time the unfrum American Jewry contribute $1.3 billion to Israel annually. According to Jewish Business News 50% of all campaign contributions to the Democratic National Party comes from Jews and those Jews, I’m sure, are mainly from the 75% of American Jewry that are either Reform, Conservative or unaffiliated. Those contributions influence American politics and if those Jews become disgruntled at Israeli politics, I’m sure that their political advocacy for Israel would be greatly affected also.

Furthermore, even from a Halachic point of view where is the hard stated Halacha

which states that it is the responsibility of those who are Shomer Torah Umitzvos to dictate to others who are non Orthodox, how they must conduct themselves in prayer? Do we dictate to non Orthodox how to build their shuls or temples? Are we in favor of those Chasidim in Mea Shearim who throw stones at those who drive through their neighborhood on Shabbos? Why not? Is it only because it is violent or because it goes against the democracy that is a necessary reality for the modern state of Israel? Let’s not throw stones of any sort at others - even in the political or sociological sense.

The continuation of the Jewish people is NOT promulgated by infighting and judging others. Influencing other Jews to practice traditional Judaism will come more mightily from a source of persuasion and yes, love for each other, as opposed to the infighting that we are so notoriously known for.

The tragedy of Rav Akiva’s 24,000 students who perished from a lack of respect for each other should teach us that we must respect each other Jews in every way that is possible. This is our job and not to judge or psychoanalyze them. Once we act in Hashem’s image others will recognize that and that will bring the Tikun and Achdus Yisroel.

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