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Incumbent Assemblywoman Nily Rozic would rather eat cake than discuss Bail Reform!

Dear Democratic Primary Voter,

Incumbent Assemblywoman Nily Rozic would rather eat cake than discuss Bail Reform!

Bail reform was enacted in the beginning of 2020. Since then we’ve seen riots in NYC in the summer of 2020 with looting, arson or

vandalism to 450 of our businesses resulting in the 10’s of millions of dollars in damages. The fact that the Bail Reform law then in force

would have released hundreds of dangerous defendants onto the streets no doubt played a role in all of this. Even “progressive”

mayor Bill de Blasio while in office made a statement conceding that the high crime rate in the city was a result of the Bail Reform law.

Currently the overall crime rate in NYC is at a 6 year high with vehicle theft at a 10 year high and physical assaults at a 20 year high.

Nily Rozic was a co-sponsor of that law which doesn’t even allow judges the discretion to determine whether a defendant pre-trial is too dangerous

to be released into society which is a limitation to judge authority unique only to NY state. According to NY state law, the minimum

for felony shoplifting is $1,000 which explains why drug stores have to lock up toothpaste behind lock and key even to have Rev. Al

Sharpton lament that shoplifting is out of control in the city. So finally after 2 years of this destruction to business property, subway crime,

random attacks on Asians and Jewish people, some of which resulting in murder, Governor Kathy Hochul comes up with a plan to

fix the Bail Reform law. When asked at a Democratic club where Rozic recently spoke, about what she would do about the law, she said that

she would “discuss” it to see how much of the Hochul fix she would agree to. When asked for more details about it she said that

she wants to eat cake (that was to be served after the meeting).

Here is a link to that meeting. Please tell me whether I’m mischaracterizing her response. (apologies for the poor audio):

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