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Abraham Fuchs is a candidate for the NY State Assembly Dist. #25

Vote Abraham Fuchs - The Centrist Democrat! Bio: Abe grew up in Washington D.C. & came to NY to study in Yeshivah which he attended for several years post high school. Retired from the Postal Service after 25 years. Renovated 4 single and 2 multi-family properties in low income areas in New York. Wrote approximately 75 articles for the Queens Jewish Link, the compilation of which and others, can be seen at this site.

Abraham Fuchs will fight to: Restore Judge discretion for Bail! Stiffen penalty for shoplifting! Lift the cap on Charter schools! Prioritize character development & fact-based current-events education in schools! Increase number of specialty schools! Build more mental health facilities! Nily Rozic, the Progressive, wants to - Force women in prison to share a cell with transwomen! 😧 [A00691] Allow Felons to vote from prison! 😧 [A00699]

Rozic Released violent defendants (e.g. 3rd degree assault) into the community through her co-sponsorship of the NO BAIL

law over 2 years ago! 😡 [A05441] Say NO to Progressive anarchy and vote for reasonable legislation in Albany. For the 25th Assembly District - Vote on June 28 (or earlier) for Abraham Fuchs!

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