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The Desperation of Alienated Youth

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It’s a mystery to me why the mental health profession is so quiet and they don’t educate all the psychologically ignorant people that there are many alienated kids who are very angry and that at this point there needs to be a program for support groups for such lost youth in our schools. I don’t know why it’s only a political debate - where are all the mental health “experts“? Don’t they have opinions about why all these mass shootings are happening? The problem comes from different areas: too many guns, too few guns, psychotropic drugs, violent video games, less focus on religion, family unit breaking down, social media distracting everybody not to interact with the people around them, violent themes in music and movies but the number one or bottom line is that these shooters are totally on their own and they feel totally left out - that everybody’s having fun except for them and they’re mad as hell and they want to take everybody down with them. And all these politicians talk like a bunch of idiots because they either say punish them which The shooters are willing to endure anyway because they often die with these missions or they say the focus should be on gun control which in some instances would actually help but not in many others. I don’t understand how liberals don’t see it’s a problem that there are psychotic kids running around wanting to kill people. They really think that taking away the guns will take away the problem- psychotic people will think of other ways how to kill people - not on an original idea but - it’s obvious that we have to take care of psychotic people. Liberals think that they’re so sophisticated because our sensitivity to race is so acute meanwhile these alienated kids are showing empirically that with all the liberal chatter these kids are left without support. The Left can’t stop laughing at the leave it to Beaver and the Father Knows Best shows of the 50s they say it was all lies yes of course like there were school shootings but Leave it to Beaver was not talking about it in there sitcoms. Beaver really shot up a school but they made the sitcom talk about that the ball accidentally knocked out somebody’s window. We know that men are good at war and they’re not good at emotional stuff but I’m disappointed at the mothers of America. Why don’t they realize that these shooters are in pain and that no one is taking care of them and that too many of them are slipping through the cracks. For societies sake - mothers should join together to demand support systems in our schools because the weird parents are too dumb to do it in their homes - the school is the only place left where kids have to go - they don’t have to go to church they don’t have to go to sports activities these loaners are not jocks. Why don’t the mothers have the emotional intelligence to educate everybody else that we’re not taking care of these crazy alienated kids? That’s what I want to know. why are America's mothers so passive about this? It’s just like the mothers of America formed a movement against drunk driving a campaign to educate America about driving while drunk. We can’t just tell the shooters hey it’s not cool to shoot up your fellow students it’s more involved than that. Obviously these kids need some kind of socialization and mothers should be able to figure that out. I don’t have to hear about the motive why they shoot up innocent people. The motive is they are severly emotionally disturbed. It’s just variations on the same theme whether they hate blacks , Whites, Mexicans or jocks - These kids are abandoned and they’re angry and they just want to take it out on everybody or anybody. The bottom line is that we need support group discussions in school where kids can be socialized, get to know one another, support and guide each other so that the sad, angry and desperate loners don’t feel so abandoned.

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