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Jewish Orthodox who live in a bubble

In my opinion, it is that Jewish education and especially that of Yeshiva education is taught in a bubble that excludes them from the outer society that we live in. It is emblematic that many “ultra” orthodox ignore the guidance of government and scientists because that’s what they were taught all along i.e. to ignore society and the politics around us. This attitude is evident in our low voter turn out. Now when it comes to a real urgent matter to pay attention in a matter of life and death their intellectual capacity is not able to embrace it. That’s why their mind is impervious to your reasoning and your well researched response to them. When there is no real appreciation of how to be a Torah Jew within a larger society even the Torah Jew element has flaws and that’s what we’re seeing now. In the European Shtetl they had to be aware of their external surroundings because it was threatening and even while being uneducated they would never dare to flagrantly go against the laws of government. In America however we were lulled into A false sense of security that we can be Torah Jews and make a living but more or less forget about the political and civic discussion and responsibilities that surround us. Again I will reference my experience in petitioning for local candidates where many orthodox Jews would show a disinterest and even contempt for what I was doing. I was told “we don’t have to sign - we’re Jewish”. We’re seeing now the negative outcome of that attitude.

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