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Charlottesville - the hidden hand that killed Heather Heyer

Both extremist groups from the Right (Neo Nazis, White Nationalists and the KKK) and from the Alt Left (AntiFa, the anarchists and BLM) want to tear down the greatness and fabric of America. The KKK (I’ll call them for short) would want to eradicate all populations from this country who aren’t Aryans and Christians. Aside from the injustice of this, America would be impoverished from all the contributions that all these forbidden groups would make. No more Jewish scientists, doctors, lawyers or playwrights and no more black music and dancing and black sports champions. (Yes, I know that there are great black doctors and scientists too but I am simplifying it just for the sake of brevity.)

The anarchists, a portion of the Alt Left, want to eradicate the military, the police forces, property rights/capitalism, American culture and history and freedom of speech. President Trump was right when he said that there was bigotry and hatred on both sides from the protesting and counter protesting groups in Charlottesville.

At one time in America, after the abolition of slavery, the KKK had lots of power infiltrating all areas of local government especially in the South. With the advent of the cultural revolution of the 60’s the KKK’s power diminished akin to the modern incidents of polio in the U.S. The KKK was replaced by a new force, the anarchists or hippies as they were known as at that time and it stood for the eradication of cultural institutions and morays that existed for many years. Feminism taught that men were basically an inferior gender and African studies taught that whites were basically imperialists/colonialists and oppressors of all other nonwhite countries and groups. Timothy Leary, a college professor, taught that taking drugs was a good thing and a generation of young people gladly took to his message. Meritocracy and American excellence was looked down upon as being a tool of the White majority with which to oppress and take advantage of minority groups when they did not achieve as much or perform as well in academic circles. This is now referred to as “White Privilege”. Therefore, institutions such as colleges or employers must admit or hire not on the basis of merit but rather what would best satisfy the goal of “diversity” - thus Affirmative Action which has existed now for at least 40 years continues on and dictates that even those of minority group individuals who have less achievement than their white counterparts must be admitted or hired. This by the way, ends up being a failure even to those falsely promoted or admitted, such as in college, because they end up dropping out due to their lack of preparedness.

Sexual roles, while admittedly were limited historically, now are totally blurred and people are fired when they express opinions that would explain any differences between men and women other than those that are strictly demonstrable on a physical biological basis. Sexual

genders as well, are no longer distinctly defined - children as early as 9 years old are now taking pharmaceuticals that delay puberty or take cross-sex hormones because they have determined, even at that absurdly young age, that they are not meant for the body that G-d provided them. Even the American Pediatric Society has issued an opinion that this practice is child abuse and should not be allowed. Studies show that among those who were historical not allowed to modify/mutilate their bodies that the great vast majority of them, over time, came to a satisfactory acceptance of themselves and their bodies. The AntiFa which stands for Anti Fascists (an irony because they themselves are Fascists) is a reaction to the American government and to the Western World, who in their opinion, has subjugated dark skinned people all over the world. The 3rd World with all their corruption and brutality to their citizens are not the Fascists but we are! Therefore we should presumably disband our military and our police forces should not have weapons. Police would still be useful, I suppose, for walking home a lost child in the mall. That’s why, when currently, police use their gun in self defense BLM will burn down a neighborhood in protest.

Such is what happened when Michael Brown (the “gentle giant”), who had just committed a strong armed robbery, fought policeman, Darryl Wilson, over the policeman’s gun and Wilson shot Brown dead. But the policeman should have gotten shot or killed instead, according to BLM. Darryl Wilson was forced to resign the force and does not get even a small pension.

Freedom of Speech is another casualty of the cultural revolution. The rational to essentially eliminate this Constitutional right is justified on the basis that people who espouse ideas that are contrary to the belief of some, are essentially committing violence just from their “offensive” speech. Therefore even violence can be meted out against those with such “hate speech”. What follows is that Conservatives or pro Israel writers and lecturers can no longer address college students because their event will be disrupted by such anarchists who riot by destroying property and attacking anyone connected to the speaker with whom they disagree. Students who are pro Israel (a Western symbol) or who denounce BDS as being unfair, are shamed, harassed and even threatened by the anarchists and AntiFa.

According to the Alt Left our history together with all of our flawed leaders must be rewritten and cleansed. Historical statues must be removed and destroyed. Police must not interfere with the process as mobs from the streets perform this (“righteous") act of destruction because if anyone from the mob were to get hurt in the process of an arrest the municipality could get sued because of alleged police brutality. Which brings me to Charlottesville - A despicable group of biggots and racists, elements of the “Alt Right" apply for a permit to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate General who fought so effectively against Ulysses S Grant, the Union’s General.

Our Constitution affords the citizenry the right of freedom of speech and assembly. But in today’s world, such rights, as we discussed, are not afforded to everyone. Once must belong to an acceptable group to enjoy such Constitutional protection. Thus when the Alt Right

applied for the permit to protest the removal of the statue, the mayor of Charlottesville denied them. The group then appealed to a Federal District court that approved their permit. Saturday, when the Alt Right group lawfully began marching, the police corralled them to a smaller venue where they would have less space as a buffer from the Alt Left. As the march proceeded, as could be anticipated, the Alt Left set upon the Alt Right with sticks and clubs. In addition to the tight space, the police were not doing their job and did not create a police barrier between the 2 groups, on order of the Governor Terri McAliff (former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton). Even though the Alt Right were very much outnumbered, they fought back, thus a malai and violent situation ensued. Subsequently, the police (with the moral authority of a Bull Conner in Alabama’s 1960’s) withdrew their permit saying that they were not protesting in a lawful manner. Eventually after approximately 2 hours of such skirmishing between the 2 groups the Alt Right was ousted from the square by the other group and the authority of the police. This is when Hitler-loving and nut-job James Fields plowed his car into the general counter-protest.

We don’t know whether it was premeditated - “domestic terrorism” as everyone except President Trump is so sure to classify it as - or was it because he was pushed

emotionally to that point, from the physical attacks from the counter protesters and the from the humiliation of being sent home by the police. Even a bad person can be victimized by a system that doesn’t allow him to exercise his Constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly. Is it possible or maybe even probable that had he been given his right to assert his ignorant and repulsive hate mantras without being hit and chased like a dog that he could have been satisfied enough with that to pack his stuff and go back home to his pathetic life? Instead he took out his rage by using his car as a deadly weapon and killed the lovely Heather Heyer, who by all accounts was a wonderful person.

Trump, who grew up in an America that had values, albeit flawed, looks at this situation from an administrative and law and order point of view. He allows for the scenario

that both groups were at fault in perpetrating violence on each other, even though it could be argued that the permit holder protesters were just defending themselves. He also calls out by name the Alt Right groups (Neo Nazis, White Supremacists or White Nationalists and the KKK) as being bigoted and racists which they clearly are but that is not good enough for the fake and Communist news media, the spineless business establishments who served on an economical council for the President and for a majority of clueless Congress members and Senators, both Democrat and Republican. Trump is being branded as a racist for saying that the (holy) Alt Left was wrong for its violence.

I say that Trump didn’t go far enough. He should have said that the Charlottesville mayor, police chief and the Virginia governor bear a significant portion of responsibility for the death of Heather Heyer. The Left no longer believes in freedom of speech, a very necessary component for a healthy democracy and doesn’t even believe in law and order. The Left electeds, being pushed by the extreme or Alt Left, is allowing this country to degenerate into a modern Sodom and Gomorra. This must be Mochiach’s times because truth is being stood on its head.

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